Engine Sleeve Overview

Engine Sleeve Overview

Multi Ductile Sleeve 1

Stock replacement or made to your specifications.

  • Engineered to meet your application whether it is high cylinder pressures, or moderate power for long cylces.
  • Materials: Our standard sleeves are made out of high quality ductile iron.  We are also willing to make sleeves out of other materials per our customer’s requests.
  • Coatings such as chrome plating.
  • Bore Finish:  Engine Sleeve Bores can come prefinished for drop in replacement applications, or left undersize to be honed in your engine block.
  • We make just about any size and length. Tall flanges such as 1.500 inches, large bores over 5.125 inches, and sleeve lengths that exceed 11 inches.


We have invested in proprietary fixtures to produce highly accurate cylinder bores. Our fixtures are made to resemble the block in height and location of O-rings, C -Bores, and registers. Not only must the bore be straight and round, but surface finish is highly important. Application and ring selection will determine the type of surface finish required. Because engine blocks started out factory accurate but now have thousands of running turns and heat cycles, a seasoned block has moved, shifted and distorted in all areas from the factory accurate machining. Putting a sleeve in your block will distort the sleeve in whatever way the block has shifted. That is why we offer services to prep your engine block and hone your engine sleeves in your block. This is the most accurate procedure to hone a sleeve. This can improve horsepower up to 3%, and reduce sleeve wear, increasing the length of time for higher power output.

Not sure what you need to seal up your engine. No problem we can work with you to determine what type of head gasket, and sealing ring your application requires, and package it together with the sleeves. If you already know what you need, great. We can work with your print as well.

Our processes allow us to manufacture sleeves quickly. Typical lead times are 4 weeks or less.


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