Camshaft Overview

Camshaft Overview

No Limit MFG. produces billet camshafts, and camshaft regrinds for many aftermarket, pulling, and racing applications.

Our billet cams are  manufactured from high quality alloy steels, and tool steels.
Materials we use to make camshafts.

  • 8620
  • 5160
  • S7
  • H11
  • M4

Our alloy steel camshafts are  induction hardened or  deep carburized, typically deeper than the competition’s. This means you can get more regrinds, and our surface hardness is higher, preventing roller tracking.

Our tool steel cams have a stronger more wear resistant surface.  Tool steel is shock resistant, and combined with our through hardening process these cams have a stronger, stiffer beam to reduce cam deflection.

All of our custom billet cams are cryogenically treated to relieve internal stresses and to give you the best durability and strength.

  • We can reproduce camshafts with stock  fuel pump gears and eccentrics.

Standard round lobe blanks include: IH 466, Ford, JD466, JD 8.1L, JD 8.1L, Cummins 5.9 Roller, Cummins 5.9 flat tappet, Cummins 8.3L, JD619. Finished Cam in 3-6 weeks.

We also have patterns for Perkins 6cyl., Oliver (Waukesha), Case, Duramax, Allis Chalmers, IH 407, and Hercules.Finished cams in 5-6weeks.

  • Camshaft Regrinds 1-2 Weeks

How do we know what to grind?

We use engine simulation software, dyno testing, and years of experience.

Picking what we call “80 percenters” is a camshaft profile that works for 80 percent of the class competitors. Using an off the shelf camshaft like this means your program has reduced possibilities to be in front of the class. 80 Percent will run well but will not give you an edge over anyone. Selecting a camshaft profile to maximize your program will deliver the optimum results.

Our Sophisticated simulation software allows us to design a camshaft to work with your particular components: not just your engine, but your intake, exhaust, and turbo as well. Using engine simulation software can be effective in reducing the number of dyno sessions or hooks on the track to learn what your engine program requires. Saving 5 hooks, or races and associated travel time and expenses can be a significant savings.

We can pinpoint areas that you could improve. Example: cylinder head porting intake and exhaust manifolds rocker ratio valve size bore/stroke intake length, header length and diameter before you even assemble.

We use actual dyno results to verify the accuracy of our simulations. FEED BACK IS VITAL

If, what you are looking for is not listed, just ask. We have no problem making specials. If you need 1 camshaft or 100 we can work with you.

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