Lifters Overview

Lifters Overview

Roller Lifters

Typically 30-40 % lighter than an equivilant stock steel body lifter. We utilize wider heavy duty needle bearing rollers for increased spring pressure. Full complement needle roller construction provides high radial load capacity and improved resistance to shock loading verse caged needle bearing. The labyrinth and contact sealing protect against loss of lubricant and helps prevent entrance of contamination. The integral back plate design reduces internal friction by eliminating metal-on-metal contact. All of our lifters have coatings applied to them. They increase the surface hardness to 62 RC, increase surface finish, and lubricity. Our coatings solve problems such as: Friction, excessive wear, seizing, galling and fretting. The coating overcome or reduce mechanical lubrication problems, improving performance and extending service life. They eliminate and reduce costly maintenance problems that cause breakdowns and expensive downtime by stopping galling, fretting and friction caused by dissimilar metals and their different hardness factors. The coatings can withstand loads to 100,000 psi (or load capacity equal to substrate) and operates in the temperature range of -460°F to 1200°F (-273°C to 650°C). They offers 100% Lubricity throughout its texture. It is compatible with and enhances the performance of all oils and greases. They resists carbon build-up due to its extremely low co-efficient of friction, less than half that of graphite, Moly (MoS2) and Teflon. It will not flake, chip or peel because it becomes part of the substrate.

Stock Lifter Reconditioning 

We have a lifter refacer, allowing us to grind the  face of the  lifter to a profile, to match the stock shape.

Weather it is matching up the correct bearing, utilizing today’s high tech coatings, or ease of installation, we can design a lifter to meet your needs for performance, and durability for your application.

Call for currently stocked lifters, or ask how we can design one for your application.

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