No Limit + OpTitorque Fasteners

No Limit Manufacturing only sells products that meet our stringent performance requirements. We have been working with Optitorque for over 5 years. During that time we worked together to develop top of the line fasteners to meet our demanding challenges that where required in our high hp diesel engine programs for truck and tractor pulling. From custom fasteners for our Cummins extreme rocker arm kits to head and main studs for 4200 hp single turbo Prostock engines. We needed repeated fitment, and reliability of performance. Optitorque stepped up to plate and met those challenges for us. That is why we can say with complete confidence they will give you the performance you need for your application. We have knowledge and experience to get you the right fastener for application, and if we don’t have it today, we can work together to develop a great fastener for you. Here are some more great reasons to have confidence in these great fasteners.

Why use Optitorque fasteners 

  •  We Utilize domestic melted steel from specific production lots to ensure only the cleanest and  most uniform grain structures are used.
  • Wire and bars are inspected for sub surface flaws or voids utilizing the latest in Eddy current technology.
  • Materials are heat treated with a proprietary developed process unique from the commercial and  aerospace fastener industry,  allowing  our fasteners to achieve higher tensile strengths with out sacrificing toughness.
  • Studs and bolts are rolled post heat treat to retain the compressive stresses  necessary to increase fastener fatigue and durability. 
  • Flanged bolts, flange nuts and thru hardened ground washers  are all engineered to maximize joint integrity, while achieving the proper frictional area to resist both thermal and vibration loss of joint load.
  • Quality is continuously measured through out each process, both non destructive and destructive mechanical tests are  performed on each production batch. 
  • Studs and bolts are produced from oversized raw material to remove surface Decarb impurities through out the maunufacturing process  ensuring the surface condition is in a  pure & prime state during critical  production stages like heat treating and thread rolling . 
  •  Our Premium Studs utilize a bottoming boss to aid in a more uniform stress load distribution and repeatable clamp load. 
  • Ultra high strength, high fatigue fasteners  can have up to 8x more stretch area than oem applications.
  • Fasteners are straightened prior to centerless grinding to maintain concentricity and roundness.
  • Fasteners produced from alloys susceptable to Hydrogen embrittlement in critical applications go through an additional thermal processing cycle & load test procedure guaranteeing our customer’s receive the best product possible
  • On campus real world test cell  with 6,000 horsepower  capacity, a climate controlled environment, in service dynamic strain  load testing and  elevated at service temperature testing to compliment our in house metallurgical, mechanical properties lab for best in class product development and quality control. 
  • Modern facility layout allowing for expedited, short production runs, leaner inventories lowing operating costs allowing for quick and nimble market adjustments, varying  capacity requirements  and responsiveness to timelines.

No Limit Manufacturing