Durmax Custom Billet Cams

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Our billet cams are manufactured from quality induction hardening steel.
Standard Gun Drilled Core
Standard double dowl pin nose or optional keyed nose.

These cams are built and customized to match your engine combination.
Selecting a camshaft profile to maximize your program will deliver optimum results.
We use engine simulation software, and years of experience. Our Sophisticated simulation software allows us to design a camshaft to work with your particular components: not just your engine, but your intake, exhaust, and turbo as well.
Using engine simulation software can be effective in reducing the number of dyno sessions or hooks on the track to learn what your engine program requires. Saving 5 hooks and associated travel time and expenses can be a significant savings.
We can pinpoint areas that you could improve. Example: cylinder head porting intake and exhaust manifolds rocker ratio valve size bore/stroke intake length, header length and diameter before you even assemble.