Cummins Custom Billet Steel Flat Tappet Cams

Custom Ground to match your engine combination.

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These cams are built and customized to match your engine combination.  These are not just your ordinary one size fits all off the self camshaft.

Selecting a camshaft profile to maximize your program will deliver optimum results.
We use engine simulation software, and years of experience. Our Sophisticated simulation software allows us to design a camshaft to work with your particular components: not just your engine, but your intake, exhaust, and turbo as well.
Using engine simulation software can be effective in reducing the number of dyno sessions or hooks on the track to learn what your engine program requires. Saving 5 hooks and associated travel time and expenses can be a significant savings.
We can pinpoint areas that you could improve. Example: cylinder head porting intake and exhaust manifolds rocker ratio valve size bore/stroke intake length, header length and diameter before you even assemble.

Our Cams Feature:

  • Induction Hardened Steel Core Construction for strength that resist cracking under severe stress
  • Large Radius on all corners
  • Every cam is drilled and tapped for a bolt on retainer

Tappets – What you need to know before installing your camshaft.

This cam requires the use of a 1.300 – 1.400 diameter tappet.  You must have new tappets supplied by No Limit MFG, when installing any of our cams, or damage and wear may occur. OEM Cummins tappets will not work with No Limit MFG steel camshafts. The OEM tappets are built with a flat face. This causes edge loading, and will quicken wear. We also have found hardness inconsistency in OEM Cummins flat tappets. This inconstancy can lead to tappet and camshaft failure. Our No Limit MFG new tappets, are made with a crown on the face. This allows the tappet to spin more. Thus slowing down wear and evenly spreading the wear across more of the tappet.  No Limit offers the highest quality lifter tappets for all applications. From daily driven and towing rigs, to 3000 + hp engines, we have the best lifter tappets on the market. Rigorous quality inspection, high grade tool steels, micro-polishing, and high tech coatings, No Limit delivers exceptional quality.  These lifters have been tested on super stock open trucks, 3.0 trucks, and the same technology has been used in NASCAR for many years. To find the right lifter for your application check our Lifter Recommendation Chart below, or talk to your dealer or give us a call and we will recommend the correct lifter for your application.

Lifter recomendation Chart Drawing1



Cylinder Head Springs

On engines seeing over 30 psi, over 500 hp, or over 3500 rpm we also suggest to please call, and we will help you determine the spring you will need.

Preparing your engine block:

A steel camshaft will stop most breakage due to harmonics, and twist, but it is still vulnerable to breakage from journal seizure. The Cummins engines, have either one or two bearings for the seven journals. The other five or six journals ride directly on the block. In instances where big lift cams and high spring pressure are used, the cam can push through the oil film that separates the cam and block and seize. Having the block line bored and installing journal bushings will ensure this does not happen with a cast or a steel camshaft. If you are running a cam with more than 210 degrees of duration @.050″, more than .340″ lobe lift, more than 375# nose pressure or getting close to 4500 rpm, it is highly recommended to have your block modified to accept cam journal bearings for all 7 journals. Even if you do not meet these specifications, and you are using it in any type of pulling or racing, it is highly recommended to have your block modified to accept cam journal bearings for all 7 journals. We even recommend having your block align bored and cam bushings installed on any engine for any use. If your block has been removed from the truck, or can be removed, it is a low cost insurance to have this done. Ask your dealer, or give us a call and we can help get you to a good machine shop to perform the work.


It first starts with the break in process. Do not use used oil. Used oil carries contaminants, and the additives that help lubrication under extreme pressure have been broken down, and are much less than new oil. So it is very important to start with new oil. There are many break in oils available. Use a break in oil that has a high zinc content. You can use a much higher zinc content than 1400 ppm. For break in you want a minimum of 2600 – 3000 ppm. If your oil is low in zinc also known as ZDDP, you can add a engine break in additive. Make sure you use an additive that has a high concentration of ZDDP.

Recommended Break in Oils and Additives:

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 4 × 4 in