Duramax Rocker Arm Bridges

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Duramax Rocker Arm Bridges.
-Weighs only 34.6 grams.
-Made from 4340 alloy steel.
-Coated for a high performance wear resistant applications with CDC and NLMX

CDC Coating
First, Hardness
Provides the exceptional advantages of diamond, the hardest material in nature, with the unique properties of synthetic polycrystalline diamond.

Next, Surface Coverage
Inherent as part of the electroless plating technique, uniform plating is achieved even in fine recesses without the use of complicated electrolytic and spray coating techniques. In addition, the matrix used provides excellent corrosion resistance.

Finally, Extended Lifetime
The coating affords significantly increased durability in comparison to conventional wear surfaces such as tool steel, mild steel and hard coatings such as chromium, silicon carbide, chromium dioxide spray, etc.

-NLMX Coating
This coating solves problems such as: friction, excessive wear, seizing, galling and fretting. overcomes or reduces mechanical lubrication problems, improving performance and extending service life. Eliminates and reduces costly maintenance problems that cause breakdowns and expensive downtime by stopping galling, fretting and friction caused by dissimilar metals and their different hardness factors.
It withstands loads to 100,000 psi (or load capacity equal to substrate) and operates in the temperature range of -460°F to 1200°F (-273°C to 650°C). . offers 100% Iubricity throughout its texture. is inert, inorganic, non-toxic, non-distortive, non-corrosive and resistant to most fuels solvents. lt is compatible with and enhances the performance of all oils and greases. resists carbon build-up due to its extremely low co-efficient of friction, less than half that of graphite, Moly (MoS2) and Teflon.