Duramax Solid Recast Iron Cylinder Head

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Duramax Diesel Cylinder Heads

50 Hooks down the track, and 60 Dyno Pulls with out maintenance in one year!

OSTPA PPL 2nd Place Points Finisher in 2016 Limited Pro Stock

  • Cast Ductile Iron for Extreme Durability. Eliminate your  Aluminum Head Failures.
  • Solid Heads, or Wet Heads Available.
  • Stock to 38 mm Valve Sizes Available.
  • Dual or Beehive Springs to meet your application.
  • Titanium Retainers.
  • Custom CNC Ported to meet your application requirements.
  • Ports can be made to fit existing manifolds such as HSP, and Wagler.
  • No Limit can also supply you with manifolds to meet your application.
  • Built for upgraded valve train components such as roller rockers, and extreme shaft mount rocker stands.
  • Material has been tested and proven in pulling tractors for over 15 years. Heads older than 10 years still being used today, and will be competing at NTPA GN and PPL Champ Tour Events.
  • Two piece design for repair-ability.
  • Heads have been dynoed for 3.0 and 3.6 smooth bore turbo pulling trucks.
  • Results have shown lower engine heat, and engines capable of making back to back runs with out horse power loss. Ours heads can make 4 back to back dyno passes with out hp loss, and the competitors can only make one pass with a 1 hour cool down.
  • Increased HP and Torque numbers over competitors during back to back dyno testing.
  • We can can meet your requirements for 2.5, Open, 3.0, 3.6, Super Stock, and Drag Racing Applications.