CMN008001DLCK- 1.5 Dia. Tool Steel DLC Coated Lifter Set


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Cummins 1.5 Dia. Tool Steel DLC Coated Flat Tappet Lifter.
These tool steel lifters are built to take high rpm, and high spring pressures found in today’s high performance vehicles. These work well in all drag racing, pulling, and on road high hp builds.
Using these lifters we have had springs pressures of 300 lb seat pressure, and 600 lb open.
They are built using the very same technology used in NASCAR flat tappet lifters. We have proven them successful in 3.0 pulling trucks, Super Stock open trucks, and drag racing trucks.
Highly recommend recommended for builds using springs pressures over 175 lb at the seat, and 375 lb open.
Features include:
• DLC coating to provide superior hardness, lubricity, and wear protection.
• Tool Steel Body increases strength, and virtually eliminates mushrooming of base material.
• Crowned face promotes lifter rotation, and reduces lifter wear.
• Micro polished face reduces wear of the lifter face.