CMN008005K- 1.4 Dia Uncoated Tool Steel Lifter Set


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Cummins 1.4 Dia. Uncoated Tool Steel Flat Tappet Lifter.

These tool steel lifters are built to take high rpm, and higher than stock spring pressures found in today’s vehicles. We have many miles of testing on these lifters, and they provide a superior durability and wear over the stock lifters. They are also much stronger, and resistant to cracking. We have used these in street, modified street, drag racing, and pulling vehicles. These lifter work very well with steel camshaft cores, and cast camshaft cores. The will take pressures up to 450 lb open spring pressure, in comparison to stock lifters that are only good to the 350 lb open spring pressure. See our lifter chart below to find the correct lifter for your application.

Features include:

  •  Tool Steel Body increases strength, and virtually eliminates mushrooming of base material.
  •  Crowned face promotes lifter rotation, and reduces lifter wear.
  •  Micro polished face reduces wear of the lifter face.
  •  Large Diameter Foot for high velocity, and acceleration lobe profiles.

Use our lifter recommendation chart below to determine the right lifter for application, or give us a call and we can help.

Lifter recomendation Chart Drawing1